“Finding You”

This interactive ebook asks 11 life-defining questions to help unleash purpose and renew vision. If you are asking questions like: “what am I supposed to do with my life?” or “who am I?”, then this is the book for you! This ebook is a digital download that you can electronically interact with through fillable forms, or your can print out and handwrite answers. Get yours today for only $5!

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Children’s Book: “God Speaks About You”

“God Speaks About You!” is a playful Children’s Book that uses simple rhymes and fun illustrations to confess Bible promises over children. This is a great book that empowers you to speak words of life and faith over your children, shaping their life and future. God Speaks it. We Repeat it. And with all our heart, we believe it! Available on Amazon in both paperback in kindle formats.

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